Lulu, the wonder dog and CEO (Canine Executive Officer) of LTD Publishing, the Old Times Boulder City parent company.

We are using the phrase and the time, “the Dog Days of Summer” as an excuse to write about one of our favorite subjects, our animal friends.
You can learn a lot from a pet: loyalty, love, living in the moment; the joy of just being alive. Then there is the simple truth that we individually and as a species are not the center of the universe. We share this place with other beings. We are, in a word, connected. There are those of us who are isolated from others. Health issues can virtually confine folks to their own domiciles; or friends or family have passed, live far away or just simply never visit or call. A connection with another soul-human or otherwise can literally be a lifesaver. Those who adopt pets have a phrase for it: “who rescued who?” See the complete story in our new issue–now on newsstands exclusively in Boulder City